Tuesday, 2 February 2010

untitled volcano drawing 2007

This is the second drawing from 2007 in the series of volcano drawings, and like the first, remains untitled. It is made from graphite powder, pastel and graphite pencil.
The books that I chose for my initial researches were only two, "The Story of Our Planet", as noted earlier, and a copy of "The Hamlyn Children's Encyclopedia", dating from 1971, given to me as a gift by my grandparents. Within its pages, I found what I was looking for; a coloured illustration of the cross section of a volcano in the first stages of eruption, to inform my own idea. I strove to convey the stillness on the surface, in juxtaposition with the impending explosion within.
I wished the drawing to possess the naivete of childhood, as I felt as though I were in my infancy in terms of understanding the subject matter I was attempting to engage with.

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