Tuesday, 23 February 2010

revised position 2006

This drawing is entitled "revised position", and was made in 2006.
Buried in the earth near the lodge where my partner and I lived were the remains of destroyed outhouses; we found, and unearthed, a good many bricks, slates and pieces of terracotta roof tiles.
The drawing was made by embossing damp paper with a fragment of slate, so that it left an imprint, and traces of earth. I inadvertently moved the slate slightly, so that there are two outlines. That is why the drawing is titled as it is. When the paper was dry, I drew into the surface with graphite and coloured pencils, disturbing the traces of earth as little as possible. I made many such drawings, but this, and one other, are the best of them, most of the others have been destroyed.
This drawing has emotional content for me. I remember making it, the excitement of experimentation, and a thrill at the result, when I lifted the slate from the paper, and saw what had been left behind.

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