Friday, 5 February 2010

Mons Quies (calm mountain drawing) 2009

This is the drawing entitled "Mons Quies", and is the drawing for which my blog was named. "Mons quies " is the Latin for "calm mountain". It was made, like the previous drawing, "thought to be extinct", in the early summer of 2009, again, in a matter of hours.
The mountain is quiescent, having no volcanic crater to spill forth erupted material. The lower slopes are clothed with vegetation. Snow appears to lie on the summit and higher slopes.
It is not the portrait of a real mountain, none of the volcano drawings are. Rather it is fashioned after a drawn image, repeated throughout most of the series of drawings, influenced originally by the profile of Cotopaxi as seen in an engraving, but not an exact portrayal of that mountain. It is a mountain of the imagination, an attempt to chart the difficult terrain of a mental landscape.
The drawing was made using a transferred wax image, then drawn over and into with graphite pencil.

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