Sunday, 7 February 2010

untitled volcano drawing

This drawing is untitled and was made in October 2009. It is, for the present, the last drawing in the volcano series, although I made four drawings afterwards, I destroyed each one of them.
It would be possible to imagine "Mons Quies" as being the last in the series, as though time and weather had softenend the outline of the volcano prtrayed in this drawing, clothing its slopes with vegetation and crowning its summit with snow, thereby presenting a final phase in geological evolution. I have, however, presented the drawings in order of their making, following a different chronolgy, one which allows for the presentation of the evolution of thought, which is not straightforward in terms of logical progression. It is not clear either, whether this volcano is no longer active, or if , like in an earlier drawing, there are unspent forces within.
The drawing is made from wax crayon, and graphite pencil.

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