Friday, 19 February 2010

Differentiation 2007

This drawing is entitled "differentiation", and was made like the mensis Ianarius drawings, in the early part of 2007, although a little later. It is intended to be quietly humorous, the two slightly different forms of the trees possibly suggesting male and female. The drawing is made, as were the previous drawings , using a stencil, which again took its inspiration from a "Magic Crystal Garden" kit, although this time a kit comprising just a conifer, or Christmas tree and the sachet of fluid. As before, the two tree forms are made so that they slot together, resulting in a three dimensional tree. The idea of male and female forms came to mind, not necessarily to do with how the two became one, but how they appeared when separated. In this drawing differentiation does not suggest prejudice, or exclusion, but distinct and unchangeable difference of form and function.
The drawing is made from graphite powder, pastel and graphite pencil.

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