Thursday, 18 February 2010

mensis Ianarius II 2007

This is the drawing entitled "mensis Ianarius II", and was made, like the previous drawing, in the month of January 2007. In this drawing, the green shows above, the darker brown below, a reversal of the previous drawing.
January shows two faces, the demanding countenance of Winter, and the yet chill, but promising one of the turn of the season. There are days, few though they are, when the sun shines brilliantly from a sky of peerless blue, and the breeze bears the scents of Spring.
On such days one draws air deep into the lungs and hope arises like water from a spring.
At the time that these drawings were made, I was living with my partner in a 1920's gamekeeper's lodge on a hill in rural Hampshire. I remember still, a January day of blue sky, and castle clouds, and sweeping air, the sound of the skylark carrying on the wind.
This drawing was made, as was "mensis Ianarius I", from a stencil within which was applied graphite powder, and crumbled pastels. The image was then drawn into with graphite pencil.

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