Friday, 5 February 2010

untitled blue volcano drawing 2009

This drawing remains untitled, although I refer to it as the blue volcano drawing. That is because the snows covering the lower slopes of the mountain are tinted blue, as though rendered in the early light of a clear morning. The staining around the summit indicates that the volcano has been active recently enough to mark the snow with ashy debris. As with previous drawings, the shape of the mountain is suspended in an expanse of white paper, without the context of surrounding landscape.
The drawing was made in the Autumn of 2009, following the obscured rainbow drawings. It was one of three drawings of volcanoes, one of which I regrettably destroyed. The destroyed drawing returns to my mind with pain. It is impossible to recreate lost drawings. The loss is permanent. It is a necessary part of ones practice to remove work that is not good, that fails to satisfy, but the destruction of that particular drawing, and some others causes me deep regret.

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